Cooking With Beer

longwood brewstockWhat is better with beer than BBQ? Summer daze are just around the corner so we thought it would be a good time to share some ideas about how to use your favorite craft beer other than to pop a cold one. Try one of these flame-tested techniques!

Use your favorite local craft beer…..

As a soaking medium for wood chips. It slows the combustion rate of the wood so that it smolders and smokes, not burns.It gives you a hint of beer flavor in the process.

As a humidifying agent in your smoker. Add your favorite brew to the drip pan of your water smoker to keep the meat moist. It may add a subtle beer flavor that becomes more pronounced the more beer you drink.

As a marinade. The malty- hoppy flavor of beer, particularly dark beer, tastes awesome with pork, beef, and chicken.

As a basting or mop sauce. Mix 1 cup dark beer with 1 cup honey, ¼ cup of melted butter and a few tablespoons of minced ginger. Use this mixture for roast suckling pig, or smoked or spit-roasted pork shoulder.

As a spray. Put your thumb over the top of an open longneck (preferably a Vancouver Island Brew). Shake gently, then slide your thumb back a millimeter or so — just enough to release a carbonated stream of beer, which you direct towards the brisket, pork, or spit-roasting chicken in lieu of a mop sauce.

As a barbecue sauce. Used sparingly, beer makes an interesting addition to barbecue sauce — especially a flavored beer.I say sparingly because the hops can leave a bitter taste in a sauce if you add too much beer.

North Shore Beer and Gumbo

Check back here for recipes and other yummy ideas for cooking with beer as well as great pairings!

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